JuST CooK 17

Dinner, from the other side.

Usually my posts about dinner start with the menu, development, acquisition of product and through setup and execution.
This post is from the eye of the guest.
First up after meeting in the tasting room were these spiced marguez, served  a la Chien Chaud, with Groundcherry Jam and salsa verde.

Next guests were …


Smoke This Project

Why not Start a project centered around the first course of a six course tasting, less than 24 hours before the event is to kickoff?
I have been planing to put this together after we stripped this old woodstove from our living room last year.
It is huge, around the size of …


Culmination of winter projects

Remember these two 12 foot tables I posted about a few months back?  After building them strong enough to span the 12 …


What we do

Here’s the skinny.
We are hosting events all summer.  These events take place in one off locations, with a one off 5 course …


What We Do

A quick run through of this weekend’s Event

This is the Sous Vide ginger pork belly, From here it still needs searing and …


If you build it, They will come

When we decided to continue our undercover events after 3 seasons it became apparent we needed something with impact. I came accross …



On a drive through downtown napa we saw a familiar name and had to check it out

Months prior to receiving confirmation at …

“Whats with the Tagline?”

Don’t Think, Just Cook
People sometimes ask:
What’s with that? don’t you need to think when cooking?
The deal is – Cooking is a natural …